Business Action World Tour Demonstrates How to Get To Market Faster

image Microsoft Dynamics CRM has matured from being just another CRM line of business application to a full blown application developer platform giving you the ability to create a wide range of customer centric solutions. Combine with Microsoft Azure Services Platform and you have a Platform As A Service (PaaS) solution. Dynamics CRM includes the essentials required for building, delivering and maintaining multi-tenant Software+Services applications.

The Business Action World Tour is where you can learn about how Dynamics can help your software business. It is for technical decision makers. This is a half-day overview event which will demonstrate the power of Dynamics CRM as a platform for developing line of business applications.

Microsoft Business Action World Tour which is a FREE half day event:

Event Date Location Registration Link
Business Action World Tour 03/23/2009 New York, NY
Business Action World Tour 03/25/2009 Waltham, MA

Whether you are deploying behind the firewall or Internet-facing applications, you can build and deploy your applications quickly and easily.  Your developers will use the same .NET development skills. And when you build on the Dynamics CRM platform you’ll be prepared to deploy your line-of-business applications on-premises, in partner-hosted facilities, or in Microsoft own Dynamics CRM Online data centers.  When you build the Internet-facing self-service applications that integrate with your line-of-business solution, the Azure Services Platform helps reduce IT-related costs, freeing up time and capital to focus on your core business.

To learn more about Dynamics CRM as a platform, see Dynamics CRM Development Center on MSDN.