CIO MAG: Windows 7 Bible: Your Complete Guide to the Next Version of Windows


 Shane O’Neill of CIO Magazine has compiled a great series of articles on Windows 7. From the article:

“From pricing questions to interface tweaks to upgrade concerns,'s Windows 7 Bible covers it all. Our guide delivers expert reviews, advice on planning and rollout, opinion pieces and news analysis on the next version of Microsoft's client operating system, which ships beginning on October 22….”

There is something for everyone in this comprehensive list of articles. Here are links to many of the articles in Shane’s Windows 7 Bible


Windows 7: 10 Best Features Windows 7's reloaded taskbar is one of its best new features. It is less cluttered than Vista's, and it handles both running and non-running apps with equal aplomb.
Get to Know Windows 7's Home-Networking Features Networking isn't just for business anymore. These days, home networks are the norm. In response, Microsoft is offering the Windows 7 Family Pack, which includes three licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium at a discounted price.
Windows 7 in Pictures: 10 Cool Desktop Features In anticipation of Windows 7 being released into the wild on Oct. 22, here is an up-to-date slideshow of the most compelling navigation and networking features of the OS.
Windows 7: The Five Most Talked-About Features From less annoying security prompts to an improved taskbar, here's a look at the five features of Windows 7 generating the most discussion and what they'll mean to you.
Windows 7: Enterprise Features Explained With Windows 7 (and in some cases Windows Server 2008 R2), Microsoft foresees a future without VPNs, with encryption on external devices and more expansive desktop search.
How to Manage Users in Windows 7 A computer running Windows 7 might be used by a single person, by a group of people in an office, or by a family in a home. Fortunately, Windows 7 was designed from the ground up to be a multiuser operating system.
The Pros and Cons of Windows 7 for Business Is your IT organization ready for Windows 7? You should at least know what Windows 7 has to offer and where it comes up short.
A Guide to Windows 7 Networking Microsoft is incorporating a variety of new networking features in Windows 7 that simplify connectivity and help users access network resources no matter where they are connecting from.
Software for Virtualizing XP on Windows 7 Now Available Microsoft released software on August 4 that uses virtualization to allow people to run applications in Windows 7 as if they are running in XP, making it easier for applications written for older versions of the OS to run on Windows 7.
Five Windows 7 Features IT Must Prep For Now

Your Windows 7 rollout may seem far in the future, but a research report from Forrester warns against starting your migration from Windows XP too late. Also, learn now about five key enterprise features in Windows 7 that IT managers must understand.

Windows 7 Gets Raves from Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal writes that Windows 7 is "the best version of Windows Microsoft has produced."
Windows 7 Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know Here are the details on what, when, where and how much you'll pay for Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system.
Slideshow: 7 Tools to Ease Your Windows 7 Rollout When it comes to upgrading Windows clients, preparation is the difference between a smooth transition and a horrible experience for both you and your users. These utilities help you plan, ensure app compatibility and manage images.
Windows 7: Don't Wait for Service Pack to Test, Gartner Says With any new OS deployment, IT teams traditionally take the "safe" route and wait for the first service pack. But IT groups that follow that strategy with Windows 7 rollouts will get caught in a support crunch, says research firm Gartner.
Windows 7: Advice from an Early Adopter Not all companies are waiting on Windows 7: A British accounting firm discusses its early deployment of the new OS.
Windows 7: Upgrade Checklist Confirm that you have all of the following at hand before you start your Windows 7 upgrade.
Upgrading Your PC to Windows 7 Could Be Heaven or Hell Windows 7 upgrades will be a cinch for most users who are now running Vista. But with older Windows XP PCs, it could get dicey, fast. Here's a no-nonsense Windows 7 upgrade guide covering pricing, installation options and that whole 32-bit versus 64-bit issue.
Windows 7: Four Reasons to Upgrade, Four Reasons to Stay Away With Windows 7, has Microsoft done a far, far better thing than it has ever done before? Well, yes and no. Here are some reasons to jump on Windows 7 as soon as it's available, and why you might want to avoid it.
FAQ: How to Upgrade XP to Windows 7 If Microsoft wants Windows 7 to succeed, to do better than limp like Vista, it has to convince the majority of users to ditch their comfortable-as-an-old-shoe — older than an old shoe, actually — OS.
BMW and Windows 7: Three Reasons Why the Car Giant Is Upgrading Now

Luxury automaker BMW has been spending nearly all of 2009 testing Windows 7 for its 85,000 Windows XP machines, with plans for full deployment by 2011. The goal: better remote management and a more productive mobile workforce. Here's a look at their IT plan.

Testing Windows 7 in the Cloud When mortgage software firm Ellie Mae needed to make sure its programs would run with Windows 7 for customers using the new OS, it didn't take the traditional test lab route. The company chose a new cloud-based Windows 7 testing service from Skytap, saving time, IT staff hours and money.
Survey: Nine Out of 10 Corporate PCs Can Run Windows 7 Of every 100 North American corporate PCs, 88 are powerful enough to run Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, which is much higher than the 50% of PCs with the minimum specifications to run Windows Vista at its launch three years ago, according to a new survey.
Windows 7: Why I'm Rolling It Out Early While many IT organizations say they're in no rush to roll out Windows 7, the City of Miami, already a Vista shop, won't wait. Here's a look at the IT plan and reasoning.
Retailers Push Windows 7 PCs for Pre-Order Online retailers are selling desktops, laptops, and netbooks loaded with Windows 7 a tad early, at prices as low as $350 a PC.
Microsoft Discounts Windows 7 for Small Businesses Mimicking the discounts it has been offering to consumers, Microsoft said that it will temporarily discount upgrades to Windows 7 Professional.
Dell Offer Free Windows 7 Upgrade to Vista PC Buyers Dell disclosed details about a new incentive that allows customers to pre-order Windows 7 PCs.
FAQ: How to Get Windows 7 on the Cheap With the economy still in the tank, would-be buyers are looking for the cheapest way to get Windows 7. We've got some answers.
How to Get Windows 7 OEM At 55% Off List Price Online retailer today unveiled prices for OEM editions of Windows 7, offering discounts of between 45 and 55 percent off Microsoft's "full" editions -- and pricing them below the upgrades slated to hit shelves.
Windows 7: How to Get it Early Microsoft released the ready-to-ship version of its Windows 7 operating system to software developers and IT professionals on August 6, raising the question as to when consumers will be able to get their hands on a copy — be it via download, shrink wrap, or preinstalled on a new PC.
Video: Hands-On with Microsoft Windows 7 What's new in Windows 7? In this 10-part series of hands-on video lessons, we take you through notable features for IT admins, new networking series, application enhancements, desktop features, and more.
Windows 7 May Equal Fewer Bargain Netbooks Microsoft is racing to put Windows 7 on netbooks — but would rather see it on $500 ultrathin machines than at today's popular $300 netbook price point. As the pressure builds on PC makers to shake up the product mix, what will it mean for your netbook choices?
Windows 7 Ultimate on a Netbook: See How it Runs Microsoft has said that any version of Windows 7 will run on a netbook. Computerworld tried it with Windows 7 Ultimate and got mixed results.


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