Dev2Dev Facebook Group

Dave Isbitski, a Developer Evangelist based in Philadelphia, has started a group up on Facebook called Developer to Developer (Dev2Dev) you might be interested in. If you are on Facebook, join the group and check out what is going on there.

Developer to Developer is a place filled with tips, tricks, and stories of battle from your fellow coders.  Some of the best stuff you can pick up in your career doesn't come from a book or a presentation. It comes from your fellow developer and his experiences. A quick hallway conversation, 15 minutes at someone's desk after a "Hey come check this out!".. these are the things that can make a difference! 

There first in a series of videos has already been posted - SharePoint Development - Making Sense of it All.

The video covers:
- SharePoint Overview
- The different types of SharePoint Development
- Changing SharePoint with SharePoint itself
- SharePoint Designer
- How to setup a SharePoint Dev Environment
- Coding in the VPC
- Webpart creation and deployment
- Adding NextWeb content to Webparts - a working Silverlight Webpart.
- Some Blend coding and debugging. =)

Grab Part 1 here

Grab Part 2 here

There is also a place to add your own videos, links and resources. 


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