Get yourself to MIX07, Las Vegas, April 20th-May2nd

Not sure if you should attend MIX07? Then listen up...

You should attend MIX07 because...

  • MIX will continue to explore how to build more interactive and responsive experiences that take full advantage of the capabilities of the Web
  • MIX will be an opportunity to dive deeper into Microsoft’s Web technology offerings and discover ways to create more dynamic customer connections that take user experience to the next level
  • At MIX, you can talk firsthand to Microsoft executives (or give them a piece of your mind) and rub shoulders with a whole host of influential Web personalities, business leaders, analysts and venture capitalists.
  • Microsoft and its partners will be unveiling innovative new technologies and services at MIX and showing off the latest opportunities with Windows Vista™, Xbox 360™, Windows Mobile® and Windows Live™ services.
  • Join the conversation with Microsoft and others on how to harness the latest technologies, unlock new revenue opportunities, reduce development costs and improve customer experience
  • .Net 3.0 (WCF, WF, WPF) and ASP.Net Atlas are all current technologies that have SHIPPED – these are no longer in Beta.
  • Free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate to all attendees (a suggested retail value of $399 USD)
  • Bob Familiar will be there…
  • It's in LAS VEGAS!!!

If You Are:

A Web Developer, you will learn about:

  • Building AJAX Web applications quickly and easily with ASP.NET
  • Living room applications for Windows Media® Center
  • Gadgets that live on the Windows® desktop
  • Sites and applications that consume Windows Live services
  • Xbox 360 games and experiences with XNA
  • High-scale back-end applications with Windows Server® and SQL Server
  • Exciting new Web experiences with the still-secret “Technology X”
  • And more

A Web Designer, learn about:

  • Optimizing your site for IE7
  • Using WPF and “WPF/E” to design gorgeous and highly functional user interfaces
  • Extending your Web experience beyond the browser and onto televisions and other devices
  • The suite of Expression tools that revolutionize the way designers work with developers
  • And more

A Web Businessperson, learn about:

  • Case studies of profitable sites built using the Microsoft platform
  • Monetizing RSS
  • Building a better user experience to unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Forging tighter, stickier customer connections
  • Microsoft’s comprehensive advertising platform
  • Building innovative media experiences into your site
  • And more

Don't miss out on this one. -bob