Healthcare Industry and the Cloud – Free 1-day Event


Microsoft “Many Screens and a Cloud”

June 15, 2010 – Microsoft Northeast District Office, 201 Jones Road, Sixth Floor, Waltham MA 02451

The Healthcare landscape is dramatically changing. Economic pressures, reform legislation, stimulus funding, and medical/technology advancements are a creating a perfect storm for change. Microsoft views cloud computing as a potential catalyst for Healthcare business transformation. We are making significant investments in cloud computing and the ability to create visually rich, information driven solution that can be easily deployed across multiple consumer platforms…we call this “Many Screens and a Cloud”. At this event, you’ll learn more about our “Many Screens and a Cloud” strategy and its potential application across the Healthcare industry.




9:00am - 10:00am


10:00am –10:15am


Ben Flock , Microsoft Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Evangelist


Overview of Microsoft Windows Azure Platform

Mike Werner, Microsoft Platform Strategy Advisor

· Brief history of Microsoft’s experience and investment in cloud computing.

· Introduction to the Windows Azure Platform architecture and components.

· Description and examples of appropriate workloads for cloud computing.

· Overview of Microsoft’s “Many Screens and a Cloud” solution Concept.

11:00am -11:45pm

Microsoft’s Connected Health Experience

Randy Fusco, U.S. Director, Microsoft Life Sciences

· Learn how Microsoft is using entertainment and devices to improve Healthcare and patient experience.

· Session will include an overview of Microsoft Healthcare Industry imperatives, customer/partner solutions examples, and technology futures roadmap




“Many Screens and a Cloud”

Ravi Mallikarjuniah, Healthcare Practice Lead, iLink Systems

In the new Social Health Marketplace, consumers will demand personalized health information…with an expectation that it will be available anyplace, anytime, anywhere…throughout the home, in the hospital, at the pharmacy, in the car, on the TV, and inside games. Business agility will be critical to meeting these emerging social media demands.

· In this Session, iLink Systems representatives will share their perspectives on “Many Screens and a Cloud” and demonstrate a working application developed for A.D.A.M, a leading provider of consumer health information and benefits technology, using Windows Azure, Sql Azure, .NET, Silverlight, Windows 7, and Windows Phone.


Next Generation User Experience (UX) & Visualization

Hiro Yoshida, PHD, 3D Image Research, MGH Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School Patrick Samona, Project Manager, VectorForm

Technology and Medical Research capabilities are expanding exponentially, offering visual insights to Healthcare beyond our wildest imaginations. In this session, you will get a preview into an effort we are leading at Partners Healthcare and how advanced 3D rendering and state of the art Windows 7 Multi-Touch Visualization will be used to save lives.


Secure Information Exchange in the Cloud

Matias Woloski, Solutions Development Partner, Southworks

Curt Devlin, Principle Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Cloud Computing will certainly have a major impact on Healthcare. But its industry wide acceptance and adoption will largely depend on the delivery of enterprise class security capabilities. Although we are still in the very early stages, many Healthcare and Life Sciences companies are launching pilot efforts to establish data and process collaboration capabilities across traditional corporate firewalls into the Cloud. This session will include a glimpse into Microsoft’s perspectives on secure cloud computing.

  • Overview of Microsoft’s Cloud Computing security architecture.

· Demonstrate a Life Sciences industry solution built using Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform.


Closing Remarks

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