IHI Shines Silverlight on Healthcare Improvement



Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Iantosca, CEO of eDefine, Paul Hamnett, VP of engineering at the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI.org), and Kerri Sweeny, Director of Development at IHI, to learn about a new Silverlight based solution they have created for the healthcare quality industry called the Improvement Map. The Improvement Map is a Silverlight 3 based online tool that distills the best knowledge available on the key process improvements that will lead to better outcomes for patients. The tool makes it easy for hospitals to find, understand and adopt best practices.

This multi-part article provides you with a background on IHI and the Microsoft Partner that assisted them with this effort, eDefine and the reasons that drove them to create this unique solution for the healthcare industry. It also presents the architectural details of their solution which provides an excellent blueprint for designing and implementing a scalable line of business application using Silverlight 3, PRISM, Entity Framework, and ADO.NET Data Services. The use of Service Oriented Design and the Model-View-ViewModel pattern also demonstrate how you can design a robust, extensible and easily maintainable solution using these technologies. We have also documented the end user benefits and customer testimonials. You know you have succeeded when you users fall in love with your application.

This post is a joint venture and so I want to give credit where credit is due. Michael Iantosca wrote the Architecture Overview. Paul Hamnett and Kerri Sweeney wrote the section of the Benefits that their customers are seeing from using the Improvement Map and also supplied the customer testimonials. In other words they did all the heavy lifting!

The Improvement Map Solution Brief

I would like to say thank you to the folks at IHI, Paul and Kerri, for allowing me to peer inside their solution and share their well thought out architecture with the community and a huge thank you to Michael Iantosca, CEO of eDefine, for taking the time to document his blueprint for success.

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