MIX08 - Internet Explorer 8

IE8 Dean Hachamovitch was on stage during the MIX08 Keynote to announce Internet Explorer Beta 1 and discuss several new features that offer designers and developers the ability to create web pages that are standards compliant and work the same across multiple browsers (even IE!)




All of these features showed off the advancements in IE8 that focus on Interoperability and Innovation.

  • CSS 2.1 Compliance - showing how pages built for Firebox and Safari will work in IE. There is an IE7 compatibility mode that can help with support for older non-compliant code
  • CSS Certification - test suite for CSS support, contributed 702 test cases for CSS standards body
  • Performance - good progress towards making IE8 closer in performance to the other popular browsers
  • HTML 5 - start of support for HTML 5, deeper integration between the browser and AJAX capabilities, support for making web pages network aware (am I online or not)
  • Developer Tools - integrated develop tools for IE: script debugging, DOM inspection, CSS style tracing
  • Activities - services linked to raw content on the page, for example link to Live Maps from an address or eBay from a product name. No links in code, XML definition of activity context menus
  • WebSlices - subscribe to a portion of a Web page, for example a slice of an eBay page, slice of an Amazon page, a slice of Facebook, etc. The site developer adds a bit of markup to make this feature available. Making this specification available through the open standards process

IE8 Beta 1 Available Today!


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