Visual Studio 2010 Beta Available for Download

image Visual Studio 2010 Beta is now available for download. It’s the next gen of next-gen applications. Download the Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Team System Betas and see for yourself how they’ve been designed inside and out to give you every advantage in creating groundbreaking applications — faster and easier than ever. Check out Visual Studio 2010 on Channel 9

Visual Studio 2010 will include a new version of Dotfuscator, a tool that obfuscates application code written in languages that use the .NET Framework (managed code) to prevent reverse engineering.

Dotfuscator, a stand-alone application developed by PreEmptive Solutions, has been included with all versions of VS since 2003, but the version included with 2010 adds new functionality that will allow developers to instrument an application to monitor its usage, transmit an alert and abort if tampering occurs, and set an expiration date after which the application will cease to function.

The version of Dotfuscator included with VS 2010 is called Community Edition 2010. PreEmptive offers an equivalent product, available now, called Dotfuscator Micro Developer Edition. A Professional edition is also available now, offering additional features such as advanced obfuscation, code compaction, watermarking, extended monitoring analytics, more flexible expiration behavior, and a fully supported data collection portal that can be hosted by PreEmptive or a third party

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