Calling all NY Metro, NJ and Fairfield County CT User Group Leaders and MVP’s!

Bob Hunt In case you haven’t heard, I’m the new IT Pro Evangelist based out of the NY Metro area covering Southern NY, NJ and Southwestern CT.  If you’re a user group leader or content contributor, I’m the “face of Microsoft” for you if you’re out of the NY Metro area.  So what is an IT Pro Evangelist?  Long story short, I’m a Microsoft employee who is responsible for delivering technical information and guidance to IT Pros through community, online and social networks.  Building a strong and vibrant community of IT Pro Users Groups is one of the core tenets of the job, so I’m very interested in meeting with your group to add you to my network.  I can generally help Users Groups find speakers (including MVP’s), venues, and can even sometimes help with some Microsoft swag and raffle items.  You can find me on email (bobh at Microsoft dot com), Twitter @bobhms, and the other usual suspects in the social networking arena.

IT Pro Evangelists like myself also present regularly at Microsoft TechNet events, so if you plan on attending either the NYC TechNet event on March 25th ( or the Farmington, CT event on March 26th (, you’ll most likely see me presenting there.  If you’re a User Group Leader or MVP attending either of these events, please come up and introduce yourself.