Current events and upcoming Windows Phone Launch event

I have a potpourri of information to share in this post on events that have recently happened and are going to happen in the near future.  First off, many of you know that we had the Windows Phone Developer Launch happen this week.  The Developer site to get more information on how to get your app loaded into the Windows Phone Marketplace as well as much more information from the developer point of view, check out  Lots of apps have already been loaded into the Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phone 7, I’d encourage you to check it out and see what I expect will be a very active and vibrant place to find apps for your Windows Phone 7 device.

Well, Monday is the big day for the global Windows Phone 7 Launch and this event has Steve Ballmer in NYC as the primary location for the launch.  Very little information on this launch event has been shared internally as this is a significant event for Microsoft.  There has been much press and speculation about this launch for some time, so I’d encourage you to see it for yourself.  The webcast for the event is located here:

I’ve previously posted on Windows Phone 7 and some of the goodness coming with the launch of this device.  There’s just a litany of information already available and more coming next week on these devices.  I came across a nice 3rd party write up on what to know about Windows Phone 7 that I’ll share that gives a good overview of things to expect at the launch event.  That link can be found here: