Prerequisites for Copying a VM to Windows Azure (31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud - Part 25 of 31)

My colleague Yung Chou gives us the twenty-fifth post in the 31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud Series on the Prerequisites for Copying A VM to Windows Azure.  The awesome functionality of moving a VM to Windows Azure is a powerful feature of leveraging the power of the cloud, I strongly suggest you check this one out.


STEP 1 – Sign up for a FREE 90 Day Trial Windows Azure account and start your journey to learning

STEP 2 – Download an evaluation copy of System Center 2012 SP1 for your lab to get familiar with App Controller and the other components of System Center 2012

STEP 3 – Sign up for a FREE Microsoft Virtual Academy eLearning account to take FREE TRAINING on Windows Azure and System Center 2012 SP1 at your own pace

STEP 4 – Catch up on this blog series on Windows Azure IaaS by remembering the shortened URL and come back at your leisure

The direct link to this blog article is here