Windows Azure Primer for IT Pros

The recent Windows Azure for IT Pros webcast series I’ve been delivering contains technical guidance on educating IT Professionals on Windows Azure and how to get familiar with this cloud platform. For those of you who have attended any of my in-person events, you’ve probably heard me say that Windows Azure is Microsoft’s platform of the future and all of Microsoft’s server products either are or will be supported in Windows Azure. What this means for you is that getting ahead of this curve and familiar with this platform is a good thing to grow your cloud expertise/architecture, as well as be a great feather in your cap as you continue your career in IT.

So how should you get started with Windows Azure? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short list of resources that will get you up and running with Windows Azure in no time. 

Windows Azure Resources:

Preparing Your Datacenter for the Cloud presentation

Windows Azure Virtual Machines Detailed Overview

Windows Azure IaaS reaches General Availability blog post

Windows Azure for the IT Pro–VM, Linux support and more blog post

31-part blog series on Windows Azure IaaS features located at

Windows Azure IaaS Webcast series resources located at

Azure Primer for IT Pros – Part 1 (Webcast part 1 PowerPoint Presentation)

Azure Primer for IT Pros – Part 2 (Webcast part 2 PowerPoint Presentation)

Azure Primer for IT Pros – Part 3 (Webcast part 3 PowerPoint Presentation)

Windows Azure Hybrid Networking with IaaS Whitepaper

Windows Azure Training:

You can sign up for the Windows Azure IaaS in person events from the links here

Sign up for Microsoft Virtual Academy for FREE TRAINING on Windows Azure here

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