Call for feedback: What are you doing with report models?

Are you using a report model in your organization? The Reporting Services product team wants to hear from you!

  1. What type of organization is using the model (dept/workgroup, small/mid business, enterprise)?
  2. How long have you been using your model?
  3. What is the backend database for your model?
  4. How much data is behind your report model?
  5. Who is responsible for developing/maintaining the model in your organization?
  6. How much effort went into model design before you started using it?
  7. How has your model changed over time?
  8. How easy has it been to change without breaking reports?
  9. How many people use the model to build reports?
  10. What kind of people usethe model to build reports (report developers, information workers, etc.)?
  11. What kind of reports is the model most and least useful for?
  12. What are the top three improvements you’d like to see related to report models?

Send me your responses and I’ll forward them to the product team. We build these technologies for you, so your feedback is critical! Thanks in advance for your help!