Bob the Cube Builder

One thing I do notice about Ireland is we have lots of people who have great knowledge about writing Stored Procedures, data modelling and application design. However when it comes to dimensional modelling and cube building/design getting started can be trickier.  Cubes are seen as magical, complex black boxes to be avoided when good old tables will do, and grown men run scared.

I’m running a session for the SQL Users group to try and help here on the 5th May in Sandyford.

The first part will be an Introduction to Dimensional Modelling for people coming from a relational/OLTP perspective: Star schemas, keys and surrogates, partitioning, aggregation techniques, sizing, Slowly Changing Dimensions, dealing with Time, Booleans, Nulls and indexing.

The second part will introduce the concepts behind cube building with Visual Studio 2008: Measure groups, Dimension Types, Hierarchies, cube aggregations/indexing, basic MDX calculations, the UDM, Time Intelligence and Periodicity.

if you have any questions on this aspect of Business Intelligence, please do come along.

The link to the SQL Users Group Site for the event is here: