Off to Ranger/MCA Training

I'll be off to the states for the four week MCA:Database training.

Speaking to people who have been on the course before this is really exciting. We get to spend four weeks in training with folks from the product team, and some pretty heavy hitting SQL folk. It sounds a bit like a four week boot camp so internally at Microsoft it's know as the "SQL Ranger" course.

Sounds much cooler than "architect" which is currently among not so favourite words as its so overused. Everyone's an architect we have technical architects, solution architects, business architects, design architects, infrastructure architects, consulting architects, associate architects, data architects, exchange architects and sanitation architects. No longer do we "design" solutions we ahem "architect" them.

OK I know where the architect roles lie, and as software and infrastructure is getting more complex  its a key role - but the term/role is still wayyy overused.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend who said they knew someone who worked as an architect after just leaving college on a course involving computers and design. I was like "err surely that's not possible!" before realizing that the course was on building and interior design using CAD and other tools. Whoops.