Paul and Kim come to Dublin - Data Dudes Rejoice

Paul Randall and Kimberly Tripp are probably the foremost speakers on SQL Server and they are coming to Dublin.

On Thursday 4th September, 2008 they are coming to Dublin to present at the SQL Users Group on Indexing and Fragmentation (Level 400).

If you go to ANY SQL Server sessions or work in proximity to SQL Server this is the talk to go to this year. Well if you could squeeze in seeing me at the SQL 2008 Academy that would be cool too.

Paul and Kimberly rock! They are currently the Subject Matter Experts for a lot of the Certified Master and Database Architect Programs. I was with Paul for a week on the MCA course and my head still hurts.

I'll personally buy a bottle of champagne for the first person who can get Paul or Kimberly to say "I don't know" on Indexing or low level storage questions ;-)

The questions below probably wont event make them pause for breath:

- How can null bit maps make query execution faster?

- At what % of pages read is a bookmark lookup too expensive compared to a scan?

- What is the most efficient index to support count(*) on a clustered table?

- Does a leaf in Non Clustered Index or data page in heapĀ  have more physical IO's for a bookmark lookup?

You can register for the event below: