Providing Feedback on the Microsoft JDBC Driver

Thanks to everyone who was the the first Irish Java Developers Conferance ( Hopefully there will be a repeat performance next year. Many people were surprised to see Microsoft at the event, I guess this is a sign of the times with software becoming more cross platform. Most customers I deal with tend to have a little bit of all technologies and the real challenge is getting them to play nice togethor.

To report a bug in Microosft JDBC driver you can log on to Any feedback here automatically gets filled as a bug in Team Foundation Server and is reviewed (triaged) at the next review (sometimes called war meeting). Contrary to popular belief it does not get made into a paper plane and filed into the bin!

There also a forum to get questions answered  and discuss with peers, the product team listens in and can help answer questions too.

Finally if you have any feedback of suggested improvements, you can post suggestions on the new JDBC blog site: