SQL Academy (Dublin, Ireland)– Advanced SQL Configuration

I’m helping deliver a series of advanced seminars for Microsoft TechNet Ireland. The SQL Academy aims to bring level 300-400 advanced content to practising SQL Server professionals in Ireland with the opportunity to bring any questions to a supposed expert in the field ;-)

The first session in on Advanced Configuration. We picked this topic in response to feedback from customers and attendees at previous events. Hopefully this topic will be immediately useful to people responsible for deploying, configuring and tuning SQL Server.

Registration is here and best of all it is FREE, 100% sponsored by TechNet Ireland. Its on Wed 21st October 2009.

Topics covered are below:

Configuration I (memory and CPU)

o SQL Server’s Memory Architecture

o How much memory do I need

o 32bit memory configuration

o Memory settings

o Monitoring memory usage

o CPU Architecture

o CPU settings

Configuration II (Database Settings)

o Common database settings

o Recommended practices

o Controlling database configuration

Configuration III (Storage)

o SQL IO Architecture and Requirements

o SAN/Disk Configuration

o Windows Configuration

o Data and Log File Configuration

o TempDB configuration

o key metrics for monitoring storage

o testing storage with sqlio.exe