SQL Immersion: Dublin 2010

The only local opportunity for advanced SQL training with sqlskills (Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp) is happening in June/July this. As far as I know this will be the only SQL Immersion in Europe this year.

If you are a SQL professional, attending a sqlskills course is really something you can’t miss to progress your technical skills. The SQL Immersion course is four days of exposure to the worlds best trainers and mentors on the SQL platform.

I was lucky enough to attend over a week of Paul and Kimberly Tripp during the Certified Master/Architect Program and can testify that I learned more in these few weeks than years of self paced learning.

Here’s a piccie of the SQL Immersion last year – as you can see a bunch of smart looking SQL folk  ;-)

You can register for the SQL Immersion: Dublin 2010 event at this link here https://www.prodata.ie/Events/SQLImmersionDublin2010/