SQL Ranger Class goes Carting

After the third exam, we only had a few sessions today and then carting for the first down time some people have had in a while. Ken the Instructor and veteran SQL ranger from rotation 01 kicked some butt on the track. I was in his slipstream (err if 1/4 a lap behind counts as slipstream) for most of the race about to get some payback, but alas a few too many pies to make that last bend.

The flag dudes took offence to me flattening a few fences, driving straight into someone else and hit me with the dreaded Penalty Button that cripples your cart down to 5mph and I was out of there ;-)


Ernest (Hong Kong), Bob (Ireland) and Dirk (Belgium)



Ken, not content with kicking our butts for three weeks with mind blowing questions and scenarios on every aspect of SQL Server, lays the pain down at carting...