The Pressure of the MCA/Ranger Course

Exam #3 at the SQL Ranger course is tomorrow and a few of the candidates and Instructors have spoken about the huge pressure on Candidates.

Most people come from a community where they ARE the SQL experts and highest authority. Their managers, co-workers and love ones think it inconceivable that they won't pass the full programme and Dreaded Review Board. Boy does that create the peer pressure from hell.

On the plus side if you pass the exams, Qual lab and then fail the review board (which is quite common) you are still granted the "Ranger Apprentice of MCA Apprentice" title so you can resit the review board and have credit for passing the toughest SQL Server exams on the planet.

Like a lot of technical Candidates and Consultants I suffer from problems talking far too much about technology and solutions, when the board is looking for Leadership, Organisational Dynamics, Strategy and tactics and Communication.... time to brush up on those soft skills and stop being so nerdy folksĀ  ;-)