Disabled discoveries

Some discoveries in the management packs that ship with OpsMgr are disabled out of the box. One of the reasons is that not everyone might be interested in monitoring certain components. The easiest way to prevent a particular component from being monitored is disable the discovery for it. If OpsMgr cant discover something, it will not execute any rules or monitors which will result in no alerts/performance data/events. If you are interested in seeing what discoveries are disabled by default, here is a simple powershell script that should shed some light on what discoveries are disabled by default:

$mg = (Get-ManagementGroupConnection).ManagementGroup

$discoveries = $mg.GetMonitoringDiscoveries() | where {$_.Enabled -eq 'false'}

$discoveries | select-object DisplayName, @{name="MP";expression={foreach-object {($_.GetManagementPack()).DisplayName}}} | Sort DisplayName | ft

To run the script, open up the OpsMgr command shell and paste in the script. The output will be a table with the names of the discoveries and the management packs in which they are defined.

If you decide to enable some of the disabled discoveries, you will need to create an override since the management packs are sealed and you cannot modify them directly.