ModuleExplorer v1

One of the core concepts in OpsMgr is modules. There are four modules types in OpsMgr: DataSource, Condition Detection, Probe, and Write Action. When you write any workflow such as rule/monitor/discovery/task/diagnostic/recovery you are using one or more module type that are already defined in system management packs. One of the hard things sometimes is to actually figure out what modules exist and what are their properties such as:

1 - What parameters need to be passed to a module?

2 - What is the input and output type of a module?

3 - Which parameters are mandatory and which are optional?

4 - What are the data types of the parameters?

To try to simplify this a bit, I wrote a small utility last night to provide some visibility into the library of modules and information about each module. The utility shows a tree of modules. At the top of the tree are the code based modules and the child nodes are the modules that use these code based modules.

This is the first version of the utility so it might not answer all the questions that one might have. I would really appreciate feedback as to how I can make this tool more useful.

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