Kate Gregory on why Visual C++ matters

Steve Teixeira pointed out a great (quick too!) talk by Kate Gregory, one of our regional directors, about why C++ matters today and continues to provide access to the whole array of Windows functionality (rumors of the death of the Win32 API are greatly exagerated). I'd like to note that Steve is our new director of partner strategy, which means he deals with all the big shots using C++, in other words all the major software vendors out there :) As for my Canadian compatriot Kate, she recently won the coveted Regional Director of the year award and Visual C++ team could not have a more talented spokesperson at its side.
By the way, I was at Gamefest today, which is the conference geared towards Xbox 360 development and I have plenty to talk about (and even more I can't talk about!). For now all I'll say is... Epic rocks.