Adventure Girl is Blogging

My team mate here in MCS, Jessica Gruber is finally blogging.  Jessica is presenting at TechEd Europe this year.  Too bad Jessica, you seem to have drawn the short straw...the 8:30 slot the morning after the attendee party :(

As the only Office 12 session at TechEd this is likely to be a real hot-ticket event.  The equivalent session at TechEd USA was a lockout so despite the hangover, I suggest you make the effort to get there early for this one. 

Here’s the details:

WCD393 “Office 12” Preview: Default Open XML File Formats
Thu Jul 7 08:30

This session will give you an in-depth look at the future capabilities of file formats in the Microsoft Office System, specifically the Microsoft Office Open XML Formats. The Microsoft Office 2003 Editions introduced a new XML file format for Word 2003 - that was just the beginning. In “Office 12” Microsoft will introduce default XML file formats for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This session will give details on how this new direction in document storage will directly affect you. People will have the ability to freely generate and consume Office documents without being tied into any specific Microsoft software. A new level of transparency will allow customers to truly own the file content. You can always know and control what is inside of your files. We are designing format capabilities with the future in mind, while improving many dimensions of performance and increasing the quality. The session will cover how this affects deployment, cross-version compatibility and solution development.