My OneNote Wish List

Let me be absolutely clear - I have no inside information about what is planned for Office 12, but after my little moan yesterday I got thinking about what I'd do if I were a OneNote PM.  So here's my own personal wish-list for OneNote v.Next.


  • Full extensibility - A native .NET API
  • Better visualisation of notes - The tabbed page metaphor works for a while but quickly becomes difficult to manage when you take notes in meetings almost every day. I really hope we can come up with something really innovative here - perhaps making use of the upcoming Avalon presentation layer to help me categorize, group and define relationships between notes and sections.
  • Add links to other notes pages (in the same way that in Word I can add links to document sections). This could use the CTRL-K command like other Office apps, but perhaps wiki-style linking would be appropriate too?
  • Some usability work on toolbars when working with ink on a Tablet PC. Personally I find the menu commands and buttons too small and fiddly when working with a pen-input device. I hope our user experience folks take a hard look at this for Office 12.
  • I want to be able to post my notes up to a server running a web service so that I can sync my notes to other machines and locations.
  • I want OneNote to be able to understand my notes and suggest to me other related pages, notes or even documents based on the stuff I am writing about.


What would you like to see added or changed in the next version of OneNote?