My TechEd Europe Sessions

I have the dates for my TechEd sessions now.

WCD351 Programming Word XML Solutions
Wed 6 Jul 12:00

Microsoft Office Word 2003 enables a powerful integration between Word documents and XML data streams. See how you can liberate the content of a document for automated processing, document assembly, or reporting. You can now enliven the user's interactions with backend data in ways never before achievable through interactive dynamic documents. Explore manipulation of XML using the object model, formatting data with XSLT, server-side Word document generation, and more. Learn powerful methods for bringing your own XML data into Word documents and using it to provide an easier and more intuitive user experience. (Suggested prerequisite: Word XML hands-on lab).
WCD355 Programming Excel XML Solutions
Wed 6 Jul 14:45

With its new XML support, Microsoft Office Excel has become the premier rapid application development tool for integrating XML documents into line-of-business applications. Instead of forcing users to work with arcane XML schemas, you can harness all the power of Excel to process data in XML documents using the Excel user interface. In this session, see how to automate the new XML-related portions of the Excel object model to integrate Excel and XML. Find out how to automate all of Excel's XML functionality including adding schemas to Excel documents, mapping XML documents to spreadsheets, loading data into Excel from XML sources, and saving data from Excel back into XML documents. Excel makes creating XML-based workflows easy to implement.
Both sessions will be highly demo-focussed.  For each session we will get to explore an end-to-end solution showing how XML can be used as the glue to integrate Word/Excel with other Office System and LOB applications.  The demos are all built with Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005.

Hope to see you there!