OneNote Mobile

A week or so back Chris Pratley let the cat out of the bag on OneNote Mobile. This is a version of OneNote that runs on a Windows Mobile phone and will ship with OneNote 12 next year.

What does it do?

OneNote Mobile enables you to:

  1. Capture and review multimedia notes on your phone, which may include text, pictures, or voice recordings.
  2. Take a part of your OneNote notes from your PC with you, using the new mobile notebook and synchronize edits you’ve made on your phone with OneNote.
  3. Use your camera phone as an input device for OneNote, for taking pictures of whiteboards, maps, signs, business cards or customers.

What devices are supported?

Right now the OneNote Mobile capability will work with a Windows Mobile Smartphone only; it is not supported on a PocketPC or PPC Phone Edition devices.  Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 Second Edition, or 5.0 can run OneNote Mobile.  Direct camera capture is supported only on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

The #1 feature request is support for PPC Phone Edition devices.  The team are working to make this happen, possibly in time for Beta 2.

If you have the OneNote 12 Beta 1, you can find the OneNote Mobile setup ( in the 1033 folder under the Office install directory.  If you want more details see Chris's announcement post.