TechEd 2005 Wrap-up

I went to TechEd with lots of good intentions about blogging while I was out there and for one reason or another that just didn't happen.  With two back to back sessions on Wed the first part of the week was taken up almost entirely by prep.  The second part of the week almost entirely by recovery(!).  Thanks to everyone that took the time to come along to my sessions (did you know BTW that only 80% of badgers can read XML?). 

Attendance for the Office sessions was around 2-3 times what I saw last year, and I got lots of interested questions at the end.  I did promise to make the code for the Excel demos available and the good news is that they are already available for download here.  The demos were developed by Charles Maxson of Office Zealot fame and were first delivered at TechEd US a couple of weeks back.

So back to regular work now...for three weeks at least then off to Seattle for another conference, and this time its my turn to be an attendee as I hope to catch up on what's coming for Office 12 and Longhorn this next year.