Intro - Again

Well, I'm going to try this blogging thing again. I like the idea but I've had a tough time in the past. I'm going to give this one a bit more effort.

Might as well start with the required "bio".

I've been making a living with computers since about 1981. I've done everything from sell them, repair them, build them, program them, use them, and throw them... ok that last one didn't pay anything but it did feel good to throw that Atari 800 across my little apartment :)

I've spent most of my time in or around the development side and that is sort of where I find myself now. I say "sort of" because I'm now mostly management and overhead. I'm the new Group Manager for the Sql Management Platform team. I'll write some more about what exactly we do in the bigger world of Sql later.

I started working for Microsoft in 1998 after kicking around on my own for about 4 years. In that time I had my own consulting firm and my own temp placement firm, both did OK, but I was tired of the self-management grind. Growing up in the Seattle area I had been around Microsoft most of my adult life so I decided to take the plunge. I figured if nothing else I'd do the 5 year and retire gig... little did I know the market would tank and I'd love doing what I do and wouldn't have left anyway.

I know this is vauge but hopefully that should leave some room for later posts.

Some possible future posts...

  • I'm speaking at Sql Connections in Las Vegas next week so I'll post about that.
  • I'll give an update on my new team and give some glimpses into what we hope to deliver for the next version of Sql Server.
  • I may go back and post a little on my past as things come up.
  • Now that Sql Server 2005 has shipped I'll post any "best practices" that come up.

So with that... Happy Halloween!