Additional Free Refactorings Available for Refactor

If you have registered your free copy of Refactor you are eligible for two new refactorings from Developer Express to add to the existing options already available in the product.  If you have not already tried Refactor you can download Refactor for free and register to get this additions.

The new refactorings for the Registration Bonus are:
"Create Setter Method" -- Generates an internal set method for a field. This refactoring makes it easy to quickly create an internal setter method for a field.
"Split Multi-variable Declaration" -- Splits multi-variable declarations into multiple lines, with a separate declaration for each variable on each line.

In addition there are new refactorings added to the Profesional version of Refactor that VB developers can upgrade to for the discounted price ($99 USD).

The new refactorings for Refactor!Pro are:
"Case to Conditional" -- Converts Select statements to a series of nested if-else conditionals. 
"Conditional to Case" -- Converts nested if-else conditionals into a Select statement.
"Inline Recent Assignment" -- Replaces an identifier with its most-recent assignment. 
"Inline Result" -- Replaces all assignments to a temporary variable which occur immediately before the return statement with a return statement which returns the right side of the old assignment statement. "Method to Property" -- Transforms a method to a property. 
"Replace with Constant" -- Replaces an expression with a reference to a constant with the same value.

** New VB Specific refactorings for Refactor!Pro:
"Create With Statement" -- Creates a With statement for frequently-referenced objects in the selection. 
"Inline With Statement" -- Inlines the object reference of a With statement into all dot-references.