VBUG 2005 Winter Conference - Reading, UK

When we rolled out the new Developer Center pages with the VS 2005 launch last week one of things that we deployed was a couple of reporting tools that we are doing a comparison and analyses of.  One of the most interesting reports to me was a report that did a reverse look up on an IP address to determine the city that the request came from.

The most surprising thing to me was that London, England was the top city on the VB Dev Center.  With that in mind I guess this blog entry will be appropriate for a large number of readers.

VBUG 2005 is having their Annual Winter Conference in Reading, UK on the 23rd and 24th of November.

From the VBUG web site:

In brief, this year the conference will consist of two main themes:
Visual Studio 2005: The emphasis here will be to drill down into specific selected parts of VS 2005 (including SQL 2005) and will cover ASP.NET, SQL, Windows Client, Tools and IDE.
Doing .Net: These sessions are aimed at showing how to do specific development tasks, covering topics that will be relevant to both VS 2003 & VS 2005 developers. Sub-themes will include programming, design and migration.

Additionally, there will be a pre-conference seminar on Tuesday 22nd November which will consist of a series of .NET Primer topics, using the VS2005 Express product range, aimed at VB6 developers and .NET virgins.