Booting into DSRM in Windows 2008

Since the boot.ini file no longer exists in Windows 2008, the way to boot into directory service repair mode has changed.  You can setup the OS to boot to DSRM a couple of ways as shown below.  I'd also mention that to due offline defrags and other NTDSUTIL commands against the database you can now just stop NTDS from the services.msc snap-in.   So the main reason to get into DSRM now would be to do an auth-restore of an object.



Type MSCONFIG in the start men and go the the boot tab.


CMD prompt:

C:\Users\Administrator.BRAD-DC-04>bcdedit /set safeboot dsrepair

The operation completed successfully.

To restart the server normally, type the following command:

C:\Users\Administrator.BRAD-DC-04>bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot

The operation completed successfully.