A great day for shipping…

Today two of the products I have spent a bunch of time ship!

.NET Framework 3.0 ships! With the 3.0 version of the .NET Framework I can look forward to the day when every application will offer compelling user experiences that that fuse the seamless, immersive nature of TV with the power and productivity of windows applications. These applications will communicate securely and reliable between each other and to a huge array of cloud services offered by a variety of vendors. The business logic for these applications that spans client, server and data tier are no longer locked in code but is accessible, flexible and easily understood by information workers. Finally, I can safely log on to a wide range of services without having to remember any cryptic passwords. Download the final version of .NET Framework 3.0 today!


ASP.NET AJAX Beta2 ships! We have been working hard on customer feedback and getting in the last few features. We believe this release is feature complete and we are well on our way to RTM this important product towards the end of the year. Matt has some good data on the bits and the very few changes from Beta1… All that is left for us to do now is get your feedback in… so PLEASE download the bits and let us hear what you think!