Implementing ICloneable

I was doing a little work on the Design Guidelines
document tonight and I noticed this section that we added recently.  
I thought I'd post it here for your comments.    Where are you
using ICloneable today?  Do you agree with this suggestion?


1.1 Implementing

The ICloneable interface contains a single Clone method, which is
used to create a copy of the current object.

public interface ICloneable



Do not implement

There are two general ways to implement ICloneable, either as a deep, or
non-deep copy. Deep-copy copies the cloned object and all objects referenced by
the object, recursively until all objects in the graph are copied. A non-deep
copy (referred to as ‘shallow’ if only the top level references are copied) may
do none, or part of a deep copy.

Because the interface
contract does not specify the type of clone performed, different classes have
different implementations. A consumer cannot rely on ICloneable to let
them know whether an object is deep-cloned or not.

Note : If you need a cloning
mechanism, define your own Clone, or Copy methodology, and ensure that you
document clearly whether it is a deep or shallow copy. An appropriate pattern

<type> Copy();

Do not use
ICloneable in public APIs