Profilers for the CLR

While I was on my recent road-trip I heard over and over again that people wanted better tools to know what is really going on in the CLR primarily for tracking down performance issues. Profilers are a great way to do that. You may be heard about the CLR Profiler, but there are tons of others on the market as well, many with different areas of focus, etc. Here is a list of the profilers the CLR team works with (or is aware of) that I thought I’d pass along.

Traditional Performance and/or Memory Profilers


AutomatedQA AQTime: (evaluation version available)

Borland Optimizeit: (evaluation version available)

Compuware DevPartner: (evaluation version available)

Intel VTune: (evaluation version available)

Rational PurifyPlus: (evaluation version available)

Red Gate ANTS Profiler: (evaluation version available)

SciTech .NET Memory Profiler: (evaluation version available)


Currently in Development

JetBrains .NET Profiler: (Early Access Program)


Enterprise Health Monitors


AVICode Intercept Studio:

Identify AppSight:

Mercury (Various Products):

Tonic WebLens:


Did I missing any? Have you had a chance to use any of these? What are your comments\thoughts?