Ready for Teched '07

I am pretty excited about Teched '07 June 4-8th in Orlando (if you are not already attending, you can still register). 


 Here are a few of the sessions that I think will be very cool.


WEB319 - A Lap around Silverlight - Scott Guthrie

If you are making it to TechEd, you have got to come see Scott give an overview of Silverlight... Even if you have been closely following, you will get a ton out of this.. Scott does an excellent job of explaining the platform in a fun and excited way! 


WEB318 - Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with Silverlight, Expression Studio, and Windows Server 2008 - Brad Abrams (and co)

I am going to give an evolution of the session I gave a Mix on how to take advantage of Silverlight from an ASP.NET Application.  I will focus on the core principles of building an video centric web site with offering a great user experience. 


WEB312 - Enhancing ASP.NET AJAX Applications with Silverlight - Chung Webster

Chung is going to cover the basics of what a Silverlight app is then:

  • How to use asp:Media control with skinning. 
  • How to use asp:Xaml control. What benefits it brings to writing a SL app from within a server control
  • Show how SL supports JSON Web Services for dynamic interaction
  • Show the browser DOM support for client / script interaction
  • Discuss AppServices and how they can further enhance what you can do beyond XAML UI
  • Show off using OpenFileDialog to upload many files to a server


WEB316 - Building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight - Nick Kramer

Nick focuses on the UI stack for Silverlight 1.1.. what subset of WPF works today and what is the roadmap.



A TON of great ASP.NET Content...    Here is a few I would recommend...   

OFC308 - Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 and SharePoint  - Mike Ammerlaan

This has been one of the most requested features of ASP.NET AJAX and Mike is the expert on the subject! 


WEB06-TLC - Developing Data Driven Applications Using the New Dynamic Data Controls in ASP.NET - Mahesh Prakriya

This is some forward looking content on how we can make data driven web applications even easier to build

WEB324 - Dynamic Languages on the Web - Mahesh Prakriya

This is some forward looking content on how to use dynamic languages like Ruby, Python and, dare I say it, even VB to quickly build web applications!

WEB305 - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET "Orcas" and Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" - Scott Guthrie

Want to know what is coming for you in Orcas?  Scott does an excellent rundown of what the new features are and how you can use them!

And of course we have TONS of training for folks to get the most out of our current generation of products...  From novice to battle hardened .NET Framework 2.0 developers, you will find something rich here! 

  • WEB09-TLC - Top Ten ASP.NET Scaling Tips - Richard Campbell
  • WEB406 - Under the Hood of ASP.NET AJAX Partial Rendering  - Leonardo Esposito
  • WEB405 - Building Highly Scalable ASP.NET Web Sites by Exploiting Asynchronous Programming Models - Jeff Prosise
  • WEB313 - Building Rich Interactive E-Commerce Applications Using ASP.NET and Silverlight -  - Mark Townsend
  • WEB311 - Optimizing and Extending ASP.NET AJAX - Jeff Prosise
  • OFC431 - Building Advanced Web Parts with ASP.NET 2.0
  • WEB310 - Top 10 Controls and Extenders in the AJAX Control Toolkit - Leonardo Esposito
  • WEB309 - Hidden Gems in ASP.NET 2.0 - Jeff Prosise
  • WEB304 - Understanding ASP.NET Internals   - Rob Howard


And the fun doesn't stop there... there are lots of good sessions for client developers at this year's TechEd.      

There are a couple of sessions about some new application framework technology which my team is building... I will be blogging more about it at TechEd... but if you can make it and you are interested in getting an early look at some future technology check out these sessions..

  • DEV302 - Windows .NET Client: Introducing the “Acropolis” Client Application Framework - David Hill
  • DEV318 - Windows .NET Client: Building Rich Client UI with the “Acropolis” Framework - Kathy Carper


Of course there is some great Orcas era stuff as well...

  • DEV231 - A Lap around Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas
  • DEV328 - Building Smart Client Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas"
  • DEV340 - Smart Client: Leverage Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation in a Hybrid Application


And if you are ready to come up to speed on WPF and .NET Framework 3.0, please check out:

  • DEV308 - A Lap around Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
  • DEV439 - Optimizing Your Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Application
  • DEV326 - Authoring Custom Controls and Components in Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
  • DEV227 - Data Visualization with Windows Presentation Foundation