TechEd: Getting the most out of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

I had a good time today during my session on Getting the Most out of WinForms and WPF… The session was packed out even though it was the last session of the conference! That is certainly a sign that folks are hungry for this sort of information. Attached is the slide deck.

We talked about the focus for WinForms and WPF is very different. WinForms is focused on the typical line of business application, a forms over data scenario and WPF is focused on differentiated client experiences where compelling graphical richness is important [demo]. Of course many apps don't cleanly fall into these categories… For example an app might be mostly about forms over data but also need to include a graphically rich interactive chart. For this scenario we over great support for hosting WPF controls in WinForms and vice-versa.

I also demoed a few Orcas features just to show folks where we are going with this stuff.

  • Design time support for WinForms hosting WPF
  • Offline support (thanks to Steve who helped out)
  • A new component of the framework that enables client applications to take advantage of the ASP.NET AppServices (Authentication, Profiles, Role management)
  • New clickonce enhancements including support for other browsers such as firefox…

If you made, thanks for coming!


PS- Special thanks to the guys back in Redmond (Saurab, Scott and co) that worked extra hours to enable me to show off the great new Orcas era work we are doing

DEV363_Smart Client Getting the most out of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)-ToPost.pptx