Tell me about your services…

My team has been doing a little thinking recently about the “services” space.  Basically I have been trying to figure out how folks think about accessing data and business logic across tiers.  What are the tyimagepes of development projects are services the core thing they are building and for what types of development projects are services simply pluming for getting the job done?

I’d love to have you folks chime into this conversation.   For starters, I have posted a very simple\quick survey.    Please take 30 secs and fill it out.

What statement best describes the type of work you typically do? (check all that apply)

1 - I write applications that happen to span across multiple tiers. My code runs on the web server and I also own the client.
2- I write servers that expose data that third-party developers will consume.
3- I write clients that consume data from third-party data sources.

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