Ask your visitors to update from Internet Explorer 6 and support the Visually Handicapped

Hi All,

Today we've launched a site that tries to helps you get rid of the traffic from IE6 by advising them to upgrade.

The people that are still running IE6 probably need a little help in upgrading (or they would have done so already) so we encourage them by making a donation to Visio which is a NGO that helps visually handicapped.

The please visit and send everyone you know who uses IE6 there.


If you have a website or a blog please use the following banners to actively send traffic of IE6 users to the site:

120x240_gif   125x125_gif  160x600_gif 

180x150_gif   300x250_gif  120x60_gif

Please help the poor people still experiencing the internet in IE6 and the visually impaired.