Leaseweb and the European WinPHP Challenge


The WinPHP Competition registration will close end of business on Friday April 17th want to go to Vegas register NOW!

On the March 23 we announced the WinPHP Challenge the competition for PH P programmer to create the app they always wanted to write and have the opportunity to win a trip to the MIX 2010 conference in Las Vegas. This competition is run by the Dutch PHP Conference, Microsoft and Leaseweb.

When Cal Evans and myself were discussing this competition it soon became clear that we needed to faciltiate the competitiors with a server running Windows Server 2008 so they are able to deploy their application. I didn’t have to think long and immediately called our friends at Leaseweb.

Leaseweb being one of the biggest hosters in Europs has the expertise and scale to host the competition and give all the competitiors their own Virtual Machine running Windows Server 2008. They are providing this on their premium storage solution from the Evoswitch datacenter. Leaseweb is one of the fastest growing hosters and they were a TAP customer for Windows Server 2008. They have been selling Windows Server 2008 dedicated servers one day after the release date of Windows Server 2008 which make them one of the most experienced Windows Server 2008 hosters.

Because Leaseweb always wants to be the first with new technologies they were also part of the Hyper-V technical adoption program and will launch a very competitive Virtual Dedicated Server offer based on Hyper-V very soon again as one of the first in the Netherlands.

This expertise made Leaseweb the obvious partner to work with for the WinPHP Challenge and they were happy to join DPCon and Microsoft in making this contest happen.

I am very happy to send out the login codes to the Virtual Dedicated servers on Monday when the competition kicks of.

Happy coding