Stuff I’m using to prep my devdays talk

Hi all,

It almost looks like we coordinate things at Microsoft. While we are running the WinPHP Challenge in Europe with the Dutch PHP Conference and Leaseweb massive PHP on Windows content is being published by my friends in the US.

The PHP on Windows training kit

It is great that we have a MSSQL driver for PHP. The next thing is using the really nice SQL features like GeoSpatial Datatypes and the Reporting Services. In the training kits we show how to leverage these kind for SQL features.

PHP & SQL Server Demos

· Integrating SQL Server Geo-Spatial with PHP
· SQL Server Reporting Services and PHP

PHP & SQL Server Hands On Labs

· Introduction to Using SQL Server with PHP
· Using Full Text Search over Office Documents in PHP

PHP on Windows Hands On Labs (these can be downloaded independent)

· IIS Access Control Features for PHP
· Using IIS 7.0 Media Features in a PHP Application
· Troubleshooting PHP
· Migrating PHP Applications to IIS 7.0

To download all this content download the training kit here this will make the demos for Devdays much more easy to prepare.

Connecting to the Live Framework using PHP

In this video we show how to connect to Contacts and Profiles in the live framework using PHP. This makes the social graph of users of Live services accesible for PHP developers.

“Live framework is the uniform way of programming Live Services from any platform, programming language, application or device. As a concrete example, check out a very useful “how do I” screencast - - Access Windows Live Profiles and Contacts from PHP apps - - by Program Manager Nishant Gupta. He also provides a code snippet you can use to step along with the video.

The video and the code can be downloaded from here.

Some more random videos that came out since MIX

· TechNet Virtual Lab: Using IIS 7.0 Media Features in a PHP ApplicationLearn how to deliver media over the Web with IIS 7.0, play a video using the embedded Windows Media Player control, create media playlists with IIS 7.0 Web Playlists, provide an enhanced media player experience with Silverlight 2.0, reduce bandwidth costs with IIS 7.0 Bit-rate Throttling, leverage Silverlight 2.0 Seek, and protect media

· Running PHP on Microsoft Servers and ServicesLearn how to run PHP on various Microsoft platforms including Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server, Windows, Azure Service Platform, and more

Integration between VS.Php and SilverlightLearn how to develop Silverlight on PHP, how to debug PHP and Silverlight (integrated together

Happy coding