Table-pounding Evangelism of Visual C++

Today has been a long day. The language design team is
getting ready to release a draft of the language specification the the ECMA
technical group. The TG5 meetings for ECMA start in just under a month. It’s
very exciting, and the countdown is leading to a lot of last minute work. Look
forward to seeing the early draft of the language specification on the Visual
C++ dev center soon.

Anyways, someone forwarded a link around to an

InfoWorld article talking about Visual C++. His takeaways from my
presentation resonated with a number of other people I met at PDC. There is so
much to look forward to from Whidbey, I’m just glad that the Visual C++ message
is memorable enough weeks after PDC. We really do love smart developers, and
we’re working hard to support them.

For tomorrow, I am working on a history and rationale for
the design of handles in the language. A handle is a new declarator we are
adding, the caret (^), which implies garbage collection. It is the reason the
slogan on the bright yellow shirt passed out at the PDC is:

      Can you handle ^ C++?