Windows 10 RS3 , 1709 , 16299 Resources for OS Deployment

10-18-2017 Updated to include Windows 10 Language Packs and Remote Server Administration Tools

By now you probably have seen that Windows 10 RS3 released yesterday 10/17/2017.  Its available via MSDN, MVLS and any other channels you may use.

Additionally you might find the following links useful if you are planning on creating a reference image, doing OS Deployment or simply managing the latest Windows 10 release in your environment.

Windows 10 RS3:

Download via MSDN or MVLS

Windows 10 RS3 ADK:

Windows 10 RS3 Administrative Templates:

Windows 10 RS3 Security Baseline:

Windows 10 RS3 Language Packs:

Windows 10 RS3 RSAT:

As additional items become available ill continue to update this post with more resources.  A couple of items to consider if you are a ConfigMgr customer.  ConfigMgr 1706 supports Deployment and Management of Windows 10 RS3 currently.  At the moment i do not believe we have “support” for Windows 10 ADK 1709 so i would wait for an official stance on this before implementing in your environment.  I would suspect that this would come with the next release of ConfigMgr if not sooner but proceed with caution before upgrading to this release of the ADK until you get confirmation that it is officially support and with what release its supported on.

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