Anatomy of a Tech Pundit’s Blog Post

I like to find out what people are saying about Windows Live Writer, I guess it is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I follow blog searches, forums, Get Satisfaction, and Twitter.  Recently, Robert Scoble posted about Windows Live Writer, and naturally it appeared on radar quickly. 

The first place I saw this article show was up was in my Twitter feed.  Since it is almost instant, it beat Google blog search, which has a more traditional RSS pulling crawler, by about 20 minutes.  Running searches off of a Twitter feed is a new experience which brings us closer to real time feeds.

Within 15 minutes of me seeing the article for the first time, one of my co-workers sent out an email to our whole team letting us know about the article. 

Just about the time that email came through, there was already a few comments left on Scoble’s FriendFeed, but no comments were made on his actual blog yet. 

The Twitter feed I follow started to pick up tons of retweets of Scoble’s original tweet.  This kept pushing the article into more and more people. 

Over the next couple of hours the comments on FriendFeed slowed down and the the comments on his actual blog started to pick up.  And even a few comments were left on his blog the days following the posting. 

FriendFeed and Twitter are definitely giving new avenues for communication that weren't there before.  Blog posts have become more of a two way conversation.  And the I feel like the more channels there are, there more content is produced, instead of the same amount of content that is fragmented across multiple properties.  I hope this trend continues…