Windows Live Writer and YouTube a match made in… well not Heaven

With our last beta release of Windows Live Writer we included a new feature to upload videos directly to YouTube from WLW.  This should improve the workflow for many bloggers that create videos and publish them to their blog using YouTube as the distribution.  However, 2 problems have cropped up that are might interrupt a blogger’s mojo.


Delayed Status

When publishing a video from WLW we poll the status of video from YouTube.  In the event the video was denied because of a copyright issue, a duplicate video, or a terms of use violation the status that is returned is not updated as frequently as we would like.  Often times, it takes up to 4 hours before YouTube API exposes this denied status.  This means WLW will continue to show the video ‘processing’ for a much longer time then it should.  

We have contacted YouTube to work through this problem, and we expect that in the future this problem will be fixed.

Private Videos Are Private

In the current beta release we default videos to have a private permission when publishing them to YouTube.  This means, you and your YouTube friends are the only people that can view the video.  Readers of your blog may not be able to see the video if you publish using the default setting.

We plan to fix this in the future, as most bloggers would not intend to do this with their video. Until then you should change the permission to ‘Public’.



Once these problems are both fixed, Windows Live Writer and YouTube will make a lovely couple.


If you have any problems using Windows Live Writer and the YouTube feature please leave a comment or send me an email.