Windows Live Writer Tips #10 ā€“ Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, you can be just in the groove when typing your blog entry, and the last thing you want to do is disrupt your flow by having to use your mouse to do something. Fortunately, Writer has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that make this really easy to avoid. Below is a list of some of the main keyboard shortcuts (Iā€™m omitting formatting shortcuts like CTRL+B for turning on bold text, etc).


Edit window F11
Preview window F12
Source window Shift+F11
Toggle theme usage CTRL+F11


Paste Special CTRL+Shift+V
Insert Hyperlink CTRL+K
Insert Picture CTRL+L
New Page CTRL+G
Hide/Display Post Properties F2
Redo an Undo CTRL+Y


Publish Post CTRL+Shift+P
Edit/Set Categories CTRL+Shift+C

Tip by Scott Lovegrove.

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