Developer Guidelines

With the release of Power Pack 1 we were able to give the Windows Home Server SDK documentation over on MSDN a nice update to clarify a number of things that were not clear, update examples to work better in Visual Studio 2008 and other useful bits.

One area we were not able to update as fully as we would have liked there was on the subject of developer guidelines and guidance with regards to how to use the SDK. This is important because Windows Home Server is a rather unique product in that it is generally headless which often means the best kind of applications to take advantage of it should not require a UI beyond configuration within the Admin Console.

In support of this, very recently we released a 17 page Word document that walks through some of the suggested principals to consider when developing software for Windows Home Server with regards to overall architecture as well as how an add-in can best visually integrate with the Console.

Link: Windows Home Server Developer Guidelines