What's a man to do on a Saturday night when he's home alone while working on a new Windows Home Server add-in and feels the need to take a break?

Write a blog post to introduce himself come Monday morning of course!

My name is Brendan... and I'm a Windows Home Server dev-aholic.

I also happen to be a new Software Development Engineer on the Windows Home Server Team and own significant portions of the extensibility system (from the dev perspective at least). Having just joined the team two and a half months ago in part because of my passion about the product and experience in developing for the platform, I'm really looking forward to helping to build the next versions of the product as well as provide more opportunities for third-party developers and partners to take advantage of Windows Home Server.

Why this blog?

As great as the official Windows Home Server blog is, I think it important that there be another WHS themed blog that is dedicated to more of the technical bits of Windows Home Server, especially when it comes to programming against it.

With that in mind in the coming weeks, months, and years I plan to use this place to talk about some of the new features that will be of use to developers using Power Pack 1 (don't forget to sign up for the upcoming public beta), other methods/capabilities of one's Home Server that can be exploited (the best way of course being programmatically) as well as using this place as communication channel for a discussion going forward as we build the next versions of Windows Home Server and extend the extensibility model and where it can go in the future.

So stick around, it's only going to get more interesting.