Why Use Yammer?

Yammer is actually pretty cool. I have started to use it today. It is kind of like Facebook for an enterprise.  It is an interesting fusion of email, feeds, groups, sharepoint – get the real product overview here.

So, why use it?  Because if you start to use it as a group or team, it can help you be much more productive, connected, and flexible. It encourages behavior that is the opposite of TPS reports.  People in technology usually work together on things they care about and have a lot of
desire to contribute.

(Full disclosure here, I work for Microsoft and Microsoft bought Yammer recently. However it is still very much its own R&D group right now).

The coolest part was watching how the internal Yammer folks use their own tool. This is real dogfood. The team really understands and values the power of this type of social interaction.  They really use it well.  I will look for some examples that I can post.  Go get check it out for yourself.